Kazuya Nakayama

Bonjour là? Est-il là? Il doit être rentré au Japon.


The bucket he used to eat is sitting there. And the milk jam sold at Carrefour, which he had smeared on that bucket, was also placed there. I remember him saying, "I bought a Normandy milk jam," as he talked about the milk jam, that he had learned to speak French. However, someone who looked like him came along. He must have already left Paris and gone back to Japan, but there's a guy who looks like him, wearing the same clothes and the same shoes as him, eating a bucket while smearing milk jam.

HOME SWEET HOME(Galerie droite et Gauche / Paris, France)


こんにちは? そこにいるのは彼ですか? もう彼は日本に戻ったはずだけど。 



HOME SWEET HOME(Galerie Droite et Gauche / パリ, フランス)