Kazuya Nakayama

Postcard that travels round the world - Chapter of Kyoto -


Immediately after the exhibition start ,Four postcards distributed to 4 exhibition venues of Kyomachiya (Kyomachiya is traditional wooden house that is rooted in the culture of Kyoto) is posted from the post which is standing near each Kyomachiya and mail them to the exhibition venue of neighboring Kyomachiya (in clockwise direction). As soon as each postcard is delivered to the post of the neighboring venue of Kyomachiya by the postman, the address is rewritten and mailed to the adjacent exhibition venue of Kyomachiya in the same way clockwise. Four postcards that are kept posted to 4 venues of Kyomachiya by the postman. Kyomachiya's post which is not used moves.


世界一周 - 京都編 -