Kazuya Nakayama

Road to the MOVIE STAR


The movie star with black sunglasses lightly raises her hand and appears in the schoolyard of Taiwan's high school. High school students jumped out their face and body through the window of the school building, cheering on cheering cheers. We arrived at the workshop room, and in simple Mandarin and Japanese, "Ni Hao, Ma, I came from Japan to meet you all in special, I will participate in the workshop together!" Greeting further, more fuss. "Actually this is a work of Nakayama, now the movie star is a public relations staff, from now on, everyone will also become a movie star as it is now", assuming that a high school student became a movie star, Set up about the movie they are in, practice signing, set up a way to appear at a press conference, wear sunglasses, demonstrate while the theme song runs.