Kazuya Nakayama



Starting with a riddle game, after the quiz about Yokohama, quiz about the Yokohama Triennale continued, to the quiz about the chairman, this is Yellow Quiz. Where are the birthplace of the chairman whose voices were changed with a mantle in the mask? Who is the chairman? After the candidate place of Hokkaido, Tohoku, ..., Kyushu, Okinawa was raised, the correct answer was announced as Kyushu, and two people were correct. Later, when two of the correct answers were raised in Kyushu somewhere, one raised his hand to Nagasaki and the other to Fukuoka. The correct answer is Fukuoka. The winner was decided. Then the special quiz starts. The chairman removes the mask and gives a quiz "Who am I?" The winner is dumb and the voice does not come out. Yellow quiz winners and chairman quizzers who asked for Yellow Quiz reunited in a place far away from Fukuoka for the first time in five years. Long-awaited senior for high school days in Fukuoka of Yellow quiz winner was the chairman who quizzes.




なぞなぞからはじまり、横浜にまつわるクイズ、横浜トリエンナーレに関するクイズが続いた後、司会者に関するクイズであるイエロークイズに。マスクにマントで声も変声された司会者の出身地はどこか?司会者は誰か? 北海道、東北、…、九州、沖縄と候補が挙がった後、正解は九州とアナウンスされ、二名が正解。その後、その二人に九州のどこかを挙手してもらうと、一人は長崎、もう一人は福岡。正解は福岡。優勝者が決定する。そしてスペシャルクイズに。司会者はマスクをはずし「私は誰でしょう?」と出題する。優勝者はあぜんとし、声がでない。イエロークイズ優勝者とイエロークイズを出題する司会者の再会。イエロークイズ優勝者の福岡の高校時代のあこがれの先輩がクイズを出題する司会者だった。