Kazuya Nakayama

Remembrance of Decade of My Kitakyusyu Past


I have been in Kitakyushu for the first time in ten years. When I came to Kitakyushu ten years ago, I was staying at home of Mr. Masao Yahagi, an architect who just set up an office in Kitakyushu. While not having been in Kitakyushu for ten years, Mr. Yahagi was active, receiving a Good Design Award, being a designer of many architecture, becoming a visiting professor of university in South Korea. I did not know the situation in the past 10 years, so I went to the university in South Korea to ask Mr. Yahagi about the situation without telling to him.
As soon as I arrived in Kitakyushu, I visited Mr. Yahagi's office as before and had dinner with the officials. Next morning, I went to the university in South Korea with a secret and listened to his great activity, immediately returned to Kitakyushu, I returned to his office at once again. I wrote about the trip in Kitakyushu for the past 10 years in the exhibition hall.