Kazuya Nakayama

Rotated 90 Degrees Clockwise


A poster closely packed at the entrance of the gallery, wall was about invisible.
As I talk to the gallerist, "since this is outside, but there are many dust and dirt, we can not be cleaned because we put up posters. It can not be easily cleaned. It have just about a year. So, just one year ", she had been spilled. Rotated the gallery of the room by 90 degrees in a clockwise direction, The posting space of posters is changed to the hot water supply room, the DM area of the hot water supply room is changed to the toilet, put the toilet fixtures in office, the office is changed to the gallery,So that the gallery is changed to the stairs of the gallery entrance. In this exhibition, do not exhibit anything in the gallery entrance became the gallery
. To be able to clean.




ギャラリストと会話していると、「外なので埃やゴミが多いけれど、ポスターを掲示しているので掃除もできないのです。なかなか掃除ができなくて。1年くらいたってしまいました。そう、ちょうど1年。」と、こぼされていました。 ギャラリーの部屋を時計回りに90度回転させて、ポスターの掲示を給湯室に、給湯室のDM置き場をトイレ内に、トイレの備品を事務室に、事務室をギャラリーに、ギャラリーをギャラリー入口になるよう、ギャラリー空間を時計回りに90度回転。この展示で、ギャラリーとなったギャラリー入口には何も展示をしない。掃除ができるように。